Here are some frequently asked questions about Scooji: 

#1 Why is the app called Scooji?

My constant companion during the early development of this app was our orange tabby named Scooter. He came with us on a 3 year adventure to Kyoto, Japan and returned with us to Maryland in 2014. But he was almost 19 years old when he died shortly after our return. So the app is named after him. 


#2 How do I delete a Scooji?​​

Press down and hold anywhere in the Scooji grid to switch to Manage Mode.

In Manage mode, when you tap on Scooji, it appears full size on the screen. Tap the trash can icon if you want to delete it. 


New in Version 1.3
#3 How do I turn on (or off) the help bubbles in Scooji?​​

Tap the Settings button on the top left to open the Settings dialog. 

Then tap the switch next to 'Show Balloon Help.' 


#4 Why do I have to Allow Full Access with the keyboard? 

If you do not turn on 'Allow Full Access' when you add the Scooji keyboard in Settings, you will not be able to use the custom keyboard to paste your Scooji into a text field. That is the only reason that this setting is required.

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